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BHM is the most established brand name for villa management in Bali. The firm has consistently been a torchbearer for the industry, with innovative new services and the highest quality of operational procedures. BHM has proven itself by successfully managing a wide portfolio of villas and creating profitability for villa owners.

Villa owners who wish to employ BHM for operational management will find that BHM operates private villas at par with the very best five-star hotels on the island. The BHM management philosophy reflects the belief that villa owners should be able to enjoy the benefits of villa accommodation, without having to make sacrifices in terms of quality and service - and without the extra headaches that come with trying to manage and maintain a property in a foreign country.

Why select BHM for your villa management?

  • Professional management and training
  • Local market knowledge
  • Reliable vendor relationships
  • Accountable management structure
  • Single vendor management
  • Established firm with a solid track record
  • Experienced, international staff
  • BHM sets the standards for luxury villa management in Bali
  • Access to our extensive online network
  • Access to our mailing list of 80,000+ elite guests

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Bali Home Management
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