About BHM

BHM has been in operation since 2001.  The company specializes in the operational management of luxury villas and strives to operate private villas on a par with their high-end (5-star and above) hotel counterparts. BHM assumes responsibility for every aspect of a villa‚Äôs logistical and commercial operations, ensuring that villas are not just well run vacation homes but lucrative investments.

BHM currently manages individual luxury villas and villa resort properties (developments which feature multiple villas with shared common facilities).  The combined occupancy levels for BHM managed properties typically runs near 70%.  BHM also handles the agent relations and marketing for a number of other villas and management companies on the island of Bali. BHM Marketing services are also employed by two other management companies on the island.  BHM promotes its property portfolio across an impressive range of well over 300 booking agents worldwide 

Product Lines

Property Management

The underlying philosophy behind BHM, Elite Havens’ property management arm, was that privately-owned island properties should be a pleasure for their owners, not an expensive liability.  BHM takes full responsibility for all aspects of villa operations, including staffing, service standards, security, and maintenance.  Full financial service packages, including itemized tracking of all incoming and outgoing funds is included within the service, providing owners with monthly cash flow and P&L statements.

Villa Marketing and Distribution

For villa owners and operational management companies, BHM offers marketing services to ensure high occupancy and a diverse client base.  Working in conjunction with individual owners, BHM helps shape a property’s individual brand and supervises the creation of accompanying visual and physical collateral.  It then creates a pricing and distribution strategy and finally forms a booking platform that allows a multitude of local and international booking agents to easily represent the product and provide paying clients for the property. 

Luxury Villa Rentals

Though it is not BHM’s primary focus, the company does provide villa rental services to end clients.  Villas rent from several hundred to several thousand US dollars per night.  Clients are escorted from their arrival at the airport and given personal introductions to their villas.  Members of BHM are available on island to supplement the various villa staff when the need arises.


BHM is a member of The Elite Havens Group, which also includes: