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Emerald gardens enriched with exotic blooms, miniature palms and ferns, and enlivened by trickling terraces, tinkling waterfalls and the idling Pangi River set a subliminal scene for this immaculate three-bedroom villa in rural Pererenan, Canggu.

The exceptional design of Pangi Gita effortlessly pays homage to its Balinese heritage and basks beautifully in these intensely picturesque surroundings. Pavilions housing bedrooms, living and dining areas are pictures of exquisite tropical elegance, furnished to a high standard and adorned with Asian antiques.

The charming, yet discreet nature of Pangi Gita’s broadly smiling staff combined with this stylish, soothing setting delights families, attracts couples and has been known to seduce even the most hardened workaholics into restful submission.